Quality is given utmost importance for any product from Sriram Group.

Our unwavering pursuit for excellence extends beyond stringent quality control. Continuous, extensive Research and Development efforts has resulted in the improved, consistent product quality we are renowned for.


Raw Materials

For Coco Peat, we are selecting the coconuts from the farms which are very close to the riverside to achieve the best quality. Raw Materials of good quality are obtained from the surrounding facotries and they undergo stringet testing under secure conditions preventing from external seeds/weeds. The Raw Material is washed with fresh water to reduce the E.C. level. Frequently Tests are done to confirm the E.C level. A final Cross Checking is done before the Drying Process.

Drying Process

The Drying Process is undertaken in the vast spread cement yard (60,000 sq.ft.,) which is free of foreign particles surrounded by a compound wall. The material will be collected at sufficient moisture. At this level the tests for moisture is done. Once the moisture level of the material is reached, it gets ready for screening.

Laboratory Facility

Our Factory is equipped with an excellent laboratory in our factory. With experienced, highly qualified quality control officers, we ensure that each and every block manufactured in our factory is thoroughly gone through all tests like E.C level, P.H.level and moisture etc.

We are keeping the sample batch by batch and can assure that not even a single product will be rejected by our clients. We can produce good quality of coco peat blocks with the well-equipped machineries we have in our factory.

Our Research & Development Team's continuous efforts have resulted in improved, consistent product quality and also new developments including discovering new usages for our products and other improvements or possibilities to meet the changing demands of our customers.


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