Raw material procuring and storage
Washing to reduce the E.C.level - Quality test
Drying in the cement yard - Moisture test
Screening and sand separating - Hot air oven test
Checking the sizes of the particles - Micron test
E.C.level and pH test - E.C.Meter & pH meter
Addition of small fibres as per buyer’s requirement
Compaction in correct weight

Our factory is situated in the richest belt of Coconut Field in South India. The Coconuts are available here from more than 50,000 hectares of coconut farms around our factory. Our province is having the excellent quality of natural water since the famous courtallam fresh water falls is only 5 kilometers away from our factory.

So it is quite natural that we can produce the best quality of Coco Peat. The total factory area comes around 15 acres and the expansion process is on. We have our own vehicles through which we can procure the raw material without any problem in the transportation.

As per our quality control policy, For Coco Peat, we are selecting the coconuts from the farms which are very close to the riverside to achieve the best quality. Raw Materials of good quality are obtained from the surrounding factories and they undergo stringet testing under secure conditions preventing from external seeds/weeds. As we are having huge stock of raw materials we are keeping in two separate yards. The total area of our stockyard is 7 acres.


The Raw Material is washed with fresh water to reduce the E.C. level. We have Four Washing Tanks and we are using a specific technology in washing to ensure that the material is evenly washed. Frequently Tests are done to confirm the E.C level of the material. One more cross check test will be there and finally the washed material will go for drying process.

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